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Peter Paulsen

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Peter Paulsen - bass
Wells Haley - piano
Joe Mullen - drums

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  1. Wren-owned Lady
  2. Tri-Cycle
  3. Darktime
  4. Twelve Tone Tune
  5. Motion
  6. Tre Formaggi
  7. Luisa
  8. What If...


Karl Stark of the Philadelphia Inquirer says, “Bassist Peter Paulsen straddles the jazz and classical worlds … and … his collection of mostly originals … comes off as a quiet and intense affair that spans both realms. The classical focus gives the session depth without becoming pretentious … and … enables the trio to explore a demanding composing technique with the ritual of jazz.”

“Tri-Cycle” is a mix of Paulsen originals and arrangements … but Paulsen’s arrangements take that material quite far, massaging it into a personal aesthetic so completely that while the familiar themes are there, the music feels one of a kind with the original compositions – as if they’d all come from the same pen,” writes John Kelman in All About Jazz. Paulsen’s own writing ranges from the more abstract and free-style impressionism of the slowly unfolding “Tre Formaggi” to the greater insistence of “What If”, with it’s staggered theme, and schizophrenic title track (“Tri-Cycle”) that shifts from Nordic cool to thematic ellipsis and occasional swing. Paulsen proves himself to be every bit as capable as a leader and, with Hanley and Mullen, Paulsen reveals a stylistic specificity that’s evolving on the Philly scene which can rival that in any other major center.” Click here to read the full review.

Chris Kosky writes in Bass World of the International Society of Bassists, “Paulsen has another winner on his hands as his trio embarks on musical explorations through four Paulsen originals, one tune each from Jobim, Bill Evans, and Matt Hochmiller, and one free offering. And musical explorations they truly are. Paulsen’s compositions (and covers of existing tunes) employ sections that are highly arranged, and improvised sections that are very loose and free – trio improv, with the time implied more often than explicitly stated. Free play works when mature artists approach it with sensitivity, open minds and ears, and Paulsen has captured a fine example on this recording.
The musicianship of the trio members is immense. Wells Hanley has an amazing touch … , intriguing and very melodic lines, often employing the full range of the instrument, and is terrific in the supportive role. Joe Mullen is always right where he needs to be: supportive or soloistic, subtle or a ball of fire, and he gets a great sound. Bassist Paulsen is tremendous; very musical, very melodic – his pizzicato sound is warm and dark, with a lot of sustain, and he mixes it up with some occasional arco work, which provides a nice color and texture change. All in all, a wonderful recording.”

Dick Crockett of Still Another Jazz Show “The Voice” 88.7 Sacramento, CA says, “At first listen, you imagine it’s European, more circumvent, then straight ahead, especially the title tune (Tri-Cycle). There’s a road along this map. For you’ll hear many moods, many ideas of rainy days and after lives, if you can imagine. This music is extraordinary and complex. Peter Paulsen is a gifted bass player whose training extends beyond the parliamentary classical trained to the infinite open spaces of modern jazz. “Darktime” is an extension of that, with exceptional understated performances here and throughout by Wells Hanley, piano and Joe Mullen, drums.”

“Just got the Paulsen disc on Wednesday,” writes Dave Piszez at WERU-FM, East Orland, ME. “I find it intriguing. Nice trio interplay and compositions that draw the listener into the story with constantly shifting dynamics. Cool stuff.”

Jazsound Best Music Selection in Philadelphia writes, “Paulsen’s ‘Tri-Cycle’ proves him to be capable as a bandleader, composer and arranger, and finds him leading an excellent piano-bass-drums trio through his own compositions as well as interpretations of Bill Evans and A.C. Jobim.”

“Just a note to say we dig this new disc here …” writes John Ziegler, at KUMD, Duluth, MN. “’Tri-Cycle’ is on the AM here 2-3 spins a week. Great trio, with good piano and drums and you play a very fine bass. Will continue to get airplay for many months to come.”

Bob Rogers of WSHA, Raleigh, NC writes, “Yeah, I really like everything about that Paulsen CD (Tri-Cycle). ‘Darktime’ is the one that really does it for me. Excellent writing, beautifully executed.”

“As a classically trained musician, Paulsen adds a whole new dimension to the improvised jazz scene,” writes Frank Fraser (Practicum Writer) of The Quad newspaper. “His solid background as a classical musician shines when he uses the bow. … Hochmiller’s ‘Motion’ opens with an arco bass solo in which Paulsen creates sounds … that seem characteristic of a synthesizer. Paulsen’s bass solo in the title track, ‘Tri-Cycle’, utilizes the harmonic sounds of his bass to create a suspenseful entrance that leads to a euphonically original track. Paulsen creates an original modern jazz album utilizing his bass in ways that few could imagine possible.”

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