Three-Stranded Cord

Peter Paulsen

on R&L Records
Available from CD Baby.

Peter Paulsen - bass
Tom Lawton - piano
Joe Mullen - drums
Bob Meashey - trumpet/flugelhorn
Chris Farr - saxophones

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  1. Forza Blu
  2. Three-Stranded Cord
  3. Turn Out the Stars
  4. Endless Mountains
  5. Reddish Blues
  6. Bittersweet


Karl Stark of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes, “Bassist Peter Paulsen assembles a strong, tuneful recording that waxes lyrical and pushes the boundary of jazz and classical collaborations.”

Double Bassist magazine writes, “intelligent … hard swinging … wonderfully sensitive and imaginative … great band dynamic … Paulsen’s playing is emotionally charged and he’s not afraid to take risks.”

Tony Rogers of All About Jazz writes that, “Paulsen’s classical training is evident in his tightly constructed compositions … that are a real showcase for this band’s formidable technical prowess … propelled by the more-than-able rhythm section. Meashey … cuts loose with an expertly crafted solo … slightly more relaxed improvisation from Farr … Lawton takes flight in an extended solo … that allows him to demonstrate some real pyrotechnics on the keyboard. Early in the title track, an appropriately elegiac 29-bar waltz, Paulsen takes his first solo, a restrained but heartfelt passage. Paulsen’s penchant for a melancholy take on things is also evident in a fascinating rendition of Bill Evans’ ‘Turn Out the Stars.’ Paulsen leads into the piece unaccompanied, with a moody solo that harkens as much to the abstractions of modern classical composers as to anything jazz has produced … fine album.” Click here to read the full review.

Rufus Reid, bassist/composer, says, “your playing and writing is excellent … you should be proud of this one.”

Dan Polletta, WCPN-FM writes, “Thanks for the very fine disc. Really dug three tracks in particular. ‘Forza Blu’ has a great rhythmic feel. Loved the melody of ‘Three-Stranded Cord.’ Also really liked ‘Bittersweet.’ The arrangement is terrific.

Gary Walker, WBGO-FM Music Director, writes, “your new release is very nice! We will be sharing this record with our listeners in the New York/New Jersey metro area.”

“I love it!” says Mark Morton, Principal Bass – Columbus Symphony. “Your CD has made my ‘A’ list and is in my 5 CD changer being played over and over – quite an honor … your fine work is creating a very nice atmosphere in our home.”

”Hot! Right from the opening track, you’ll know you’re in for a treat,” writes Chris Kosky in Bass World, the International Society of Bassists' magazine. “And what an opening track, ‘Forza Blu’, a Paulsen original, is a real firecracker. The band is super-tight on this highly arranged tune through all of the tricky, boppish lines and polyrythmic sections – terrific! Paulsen’s arrangement of Bill Evans’ ‘Turn Out the Stars’ begins with a magnificent solo bass (arco) introduction, displaying a nice feel, phrasing and ideas; a very good ride. His bowed bass sound is very good, and makes use of ponticello and col legno to excellent musical effect. Sensitive, mature playing with consistently fantastic performances through the album.”

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